You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - administrator rights.
Go to the program website, section support. You will approach the article on the link, where is described the procedure from a lost password. Download the file as specified in paragraph 1. To unpack the files from archive, open the program Winrar or Total Commander. If you do not have this software, can find on the website Install to the system directory of the personal computer.
Then restart the computer. To do this, click "start", "Shutdown" and select "Restart the computer". After the starting Windows boot the computer press F8 on the keyboard. It is necessary to press several times, otherwise you may miss the right moment. The operating system displays a list of modes to boot, select "Safe mode".
After loading the computer in safe mode, open the unzipped files and run x86.reg or x64.reg for 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows, respectively. To know your version of Windows is possible via "Properties", go to the shortcut "My computer". Answer Yes to both questions operating system and restart the computer.
These actions will be visible to the administrator of the computer, as you will not be able to ask the same password that was. Do not neglect the security issues and change the antivirus settings, if you are the administrator of the operating system. In General we can say that to bypass the parental control virus not hard, but it can hurt as antivirus software and a personal computer. If you want to turn on parental controls again, you can do this in control panel antivirus.