You will need
  • Computer with antivirus installed.
Disabling anti-virus Kaspersky for some time.
Such action often becomes relevant in the moment when the user wants to play a computer game. The need to suspend the work of the antivirus is due to the fact that some games when enabled BY start to hang, making it impossible to enjoy the gameplay. To temporarily suspend anti-virus virus, you must do the following.
On the taskbar, hover the cursor on the icon of the antivirus and click on it right-click. In the menu that opens left click on "Suspend protection". Next you need to determine the time during which the antivirus will be disabled. As you will notice after the set time window will not display the save button settings to apply the new settings, click the left button of the mouse to the window "to Suspend for a specified time". At the expiration of the specified time the program will be launched automatically.
If you wish to completely disable the antivirus Kaspersky, you need to do the following. As in the case of a temporary suspension of protection, click on the icon of the antivirus , right-click and select "Exit". In this scenario, your antivirus program will be completed before the time, until you re-activate it. The disadvantage of this method is the fact that users often forget to turn the antivirus, so that computer is infected with malware.