You will need
  • browser;
  • connection to the Internet.
  • - access to the administrative panel of CMS of the website;
  • - possible access to the site via FTP;
  • - may access the site via SSH.
Sign in with your Google account. Open a browser to the address Perhaps then followed by forwarding to the national domain of the company. In the upper right corner of the page, click on the link DS login. If you don't have Google account, create it. Plaatalusporandale Sign up for a new Google Account.
Start to create your own custom search engine powered by Google. Open a browser to the address Click the button with the text "to Create a system of uses. search" located at the top right of the page.
Define the basic properties of future search engine. Enter a name in the Name field. Add detailed comments in the Description field. Set the localization options in the dropdown list "Language".
Specify the search scope information. In the "Sites to search" enter one or more URLS of resources, links to pages which will appear in the results generated funds. Click "Next".
Select the display options for the search engine interface, if necessary. The default form of the query and the result set will look just as well as on the websites of the проектовGoogle. However, using the tools of the current page you can change almost every aspect of the display.

Make a quick switch to the most appropriate style. Click on one of the blocks depicting an example of search results. Produce thin adjustment of parameters. Click on the "Configure" button. Display form of the query, snippets and blocks of contextual advertising by using the tools located on the tabs in the "search Panel", "Is", "Results", "Global styles".

Make sure the set values. The bottom of the page in the form enter a search query. НажмитеEnterили click "Search". Analyze the appearance of the result block for compliance with your expectations. If necessary, return to editing parameters. Otherwise, click "Next".
Get HTML code to embed created of the search engine page. On the current page in the text box will contain the generated code. Highlight it and copy it to the clipboard. Create a disk text file. Save the HTML code in this file.
Install Google search engine. Place the HTML code that was obtained when the action of the sixth step, in the pages of the website. To do this, edit the templates of the pages or files of the current themes resource. Use an online file editor or the CMS generate the edit the required files on the local machine, uploading them via FTP and uploading on website after editing.