Expand the dropdown list in the search query box and select the last item - "Configure search". The browser will open a window giving access to its settings on tab "Search".
If you want to replace the search engine default, another system from the list, click the row with the desired search engine in the list "Manage search providers". Then click located to the right of the list a button that says "edit" and the browser will open another window with the heading "search Service".
Click "read More" and check the box "Use as default search". If you want the same search engine was used in the dial, check the box and next to "Use as the search for Express-panel".
Commit the changes of the browser settings by clicking "OK" in the "search Service" and then the "Settings"window.
If the search engines, which should replace the currently used system is not in the list of search engines browser, then add it in two ways. The easiest requires a transition to the page where you placed the field to enter a search query of your new system. Click the right mouse button and in the popup context menu select "Create search". This will bring up the above window the "search Service" with some fields already filled.
Assign the code letter of the search engine, putting it into the field "Key". If necessary, change the name of the search engine in the "Name" field - it is more convenient to replace it with a shorter. Check the boxes in the fields that specify the use of this search engine by default, as described in the third step. Then click "OK".
Another way of adding new search engines involves filling in all the fields in this window "search Service". To do this, open the drop-down list in the search query box next to the address bar of the browser, select "Configure search" and click the "Add" button. All the fields that need filling in, as described in the previous steps. In addition to that you will need to enter in the address field the URL to which the browser should send the search query. Upon filling all fields click "OK".