Click on "Search" in the menu "General settings". This can be done in three ways. First – click on the "Menu" button with the image of the icon Opera in the upper left corner of the program. If you have displayed the main panel that contains the items "Open", "Save", "Print", etc., then menu button will be on the left at the bottom of this panel. In the appeared menu choose "Settings" - "General settings" - "Search". Second – click Ctrl+F12, and then select the "Search" tab. Third – click on the icon of the searchand who at the moment is search engineom by default. This icon is located to the left of the search bar and to the right of the address bar. In the popup menu select the bottom item – "Configure search".
Click the "Search" tab. In the "Manage search providers" click on "Yandex" and click "edit" to the right of the list. In the new window "search Service" click on the "read More", then this window will increase in height and there will be new items. One of them is "Use as the search service by default, "check the checkbox near it and press OK. Also note for the item "to Use as the search for Express-panel", it is possible to make the Yandex search engineom by default on the speed dial.
If for some reason the search engineand "Yandex" is not in the list, you can add it yourself. To do this, click the "Add" button to the right of the list of search engines. Will be familiar with the second step of the user window "search Service". Fill in the fields "Name" (Yandex, Yandex, or anything else, at your discretion), "the Key" (y) and Address (, and then click OK to make the changes take effect.