In Internet Explorer open menu "tools" and select "Internet options". On the General tab, click settings under "Search". Click on the line "search Service" and in the right window from the list, select Google search, and then click "default".
If Google is not listed, click on the link "Find other search providers" at the bottom of the dialog box. In the opened extension collection find Google, click Click to install to install, and check the box next to "Make a search provider default".
In Google Chrome click the icon of the wrench on the panel to activate the menu and select "Settings". In the "Search" section click "Manage search engines". Select Google from the list and click "Use default".
In Opera, click Menu" go to "Settings" and select "General settings". On the Search tab, select Google and click edit. In the new dialog box, click the "read More" and check the box next to "Use as default search".
In Mozilla Firefox, click on the icon in the search bar, which is located in the upper part of the browser next to the address bar. Choose from a list of Google search engine and click its icon. Now Google will search by default.