You will need
  • - you have access to the Internet;
  • - installed on the computer the program for viewing Internet pages.
To find the address bar, make sure that you connect your computer to the Internet and open the installed browser. Browser or web browser is software to view pages on the Internet, processing, output, and transition from one page to another. For example, included with the Windows operating system is installed Internet Explorer, it even also called short IE. In addition to Internet Explorer there are many other browsers that differ from each other in visual and technical plans. The most common browsers – Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. They all share one thing – the presence of a common structural parts, one of which is the address field.
The address bar is the strip for input into the top of the browser, which is still visible on any page while browsing. In the address bar enter the URL is a standardized method of recording the address of a resource on the web. URL – this is something that should fit in the address bar, for example, like this: or only
Do not confuse the browser address bar and the search bar of any site. In the address bar enter only the address of the specific page. Search string is a form for handling user requests, it is placed inside the page and gives some answers to the specified query, the queries can be policed by the property search resources or state authorities. However, there are browsers where the address bar is combined with the search string. For example, when you enter instead of the URL, any query in the address bar of the Chrome browser will automatically open the page of the Google search engine.
There are browsers that are distributed by various companies. In such browsers settings may differ from the standard, but because the address bar can't be seen. This was, in particular, with Mozilla. If you are using Internet Explorer, with the mouse you need to go to the tab "View" then "toolbars" and put a check (tick) next to "navigation Bar". The address bar will now be visible.