Drying in natural conditions

Dry the product in open air at room temperature. This is the simplest method of drying. Remember that the thicker the product, the more time will be required for its drying. On average, for 1 day, the product dries to 1 millimeter deep. In summer, check the Board and spread out her articles in the sun – so the work will dry faster.
Drying in an electric oven

Dry the finished product in the oven. This method will take much less time than the previous one. At a temperature of 75 degrees products medium size dried 2 hours at a temperature of 100-125 degrees for an hour, and at 150 degrees for half an hour. If you want to brown the product, it should be done, heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius and under continuous surveillance.
Drying in a gas oven

In a gas oven for drying of products from salt dough is required in 2 times less time than when using electrical oven. Adjust the temperature of opening or closing completely the oven door.
Drying on the radiator

In winter you can also dry salt dough crafts on the radiator. Put the product on the cloth or foil, place on a radiator and leave to dry.
Combined drying

If your products are very bulky, you can use a combined dryer. Dry for a few days and crafts in the open air, and then dosushit in the oven.