The most economical way to dry the finished product made from salt dough in a well-ventilated room or outdoors at room temperature. Naturally, the thicker will be the details of your crafts, the longer it will dry. In this way it is convenient to dry the product at first. The only thing that should be remembered under its own weight in contact with the surface of the table, the product may be deformed. In this method of drying, the color of the craft has not changed and remains as white as flour.
Salt dough can be dried in the oven gas or electric cooker. Pre-dry it a couple of days outdoors. Then heat the oven to 50 degrees. The pan, which will dry the product, cover with foil or a sheet of baking paper and sprinkle lightly with flour. Hack transfer it with the help of cooking blades or broad knife. Place baking sheet in oven and dry, gradually increasing the temperature, but not above 130-150 degrees.
Drying medium-sized works will take time-3 hours if the temperature is maintained at around 50 ° C and 0.5 hours at a temperature of 150 degrees. But it is better not to hurry and make the temperature is not very high because the dough can swell and crack. Cracks can be cover up by mixing PVA glue with flour and covering them with a brush.
The readiness of the product determine by the sound. If it is completely dry inside, knock on it, you will hear a ringing sound. The crude product will publish a deaf sound, and it needs to continue drying.