You will need
  • Two cups of flour;
  • One Cup of salt;
  • Half a glass of water.
  • One tablespoon of vegetable oil or fat cream for the hands.
Just mix all ingredients until smooth. For these purposes, you can use a normal spoon but it is better to mix with a mixer.
It is possible to paint ready-made products from salt dough or in almost ready dough. For staining of the test, you can use food dyes, dyes for Easter eggs, gouache and even carrot or beet juice, and much more. Add the dye you need while kneading the salt dough.
Paint a ready-made figure out of the dough too, should not be difficult. Just take a brush, paint (e.g., paint), and carefully apply paint. However, in this way painted figures better then cover any varnish. Don't forget that the figures are painted only after they are completely dry. Wet products from salt dough to paint problematic.
Drying crafts from salt dough allowed in the oven or on the battery. The oven temperature should be about 80oC. Possible, but not more, and the dough will quickly char.
If you still have dough after molding, and to throw the remains sorry, you can put them in storage in the refrigerator. Preliminary do not forget to put the dough in a tightly closed jar. Store salt dough in the refrigerator can be a few within a few days.