You will need
    • Flour - 3 cups;
    • Salt - 2 cups;
    • Water - 1 Cup;
    • Paints and brushes for painting figures.
First, mix the ingredients to a consistency to the dough not sticking to hands and to the pan. As cooking the dough , add a little more salt, or conversely, of water. It all depends on how thick would a dough. Don't be afraid to experiment with texture.
From ready-made dough now, you can make any crafts, for example, figures of men, fairy tales, animals and everything your heart desires. After this the figures must be dried. Drying is possible at room temperature, especially if the figures are small and not very voluminous. And can be dried in the oven at a temperature of 120-140 degrees Celsius. In large figures must be done within a puncture for the best and fastest drying.
Paint the figures. You can use watercolor and add PVA glue, and then use this mixture. It is much better to stick paint.