First purchase of professional sports shoes in specialized shops supplying from the official manufacturer Nike.
If possible, before you make a purchase, visit the official website of the manufacturer and see how actually looks like the model you want to purchase.
Refrain from shopping at online stores that do not have an exact physical address.
Note the value of the goods. The real thing manufacturer Nike can cost 1500-2000 rubles, even with a significant discount.
Pay attention to the seams - they should be smooth, made with threads of one kind, color and quality.
The leather on these sneakers must be soft, evenly colored and free of wrinkles and irregularities.
Glued the seams in the shoes must be without stains and frozen drops of glue.
Shoe company Nike must be Packed in the original box. If the seller told you that the box is not, then please refrain from such a purchase.
Pay attention to the label, which is sewn to the inside of the tongue of the sneaker. It should be neatly and evenly stitched and contain information about the manufacturer, size of shoes and Nike patents. If no tag, it is likely counterfeit.
Another distinctive characteristic of brand Nike shoes is the sole. It must be matte, as it consists of a complex composite material. Manufacturers of counterfeit save on the sole, using a material with a lot of rubber.
Another equally important point is the AIR system. Fakes do not have air bags.
And finally, refrain from buying sneakers on the portal of E-bay, which is the "graveyard" of counterfeit goods.