Pay attention to the case. Good brand models are sold only in case. Even the leather case is tough enough to protect the glasses from deformation and damage. On the company's case the company logo of the manufacturer must be engraved, not printed. Some firms include in the kit a small screwdriver to pull the rims
In the set of signature points are always: booklet, tissue paper for cleaning lenses and a passport or certificate.
Cloth for wiping the lenses of these glasses is made from soft microfiber fabric, the edges do not fall off, on a napkin, the logo of the company. In addition napkin to wipe is packaged in a plastic bag and included inside the box.
The booklet must be printed on good paper, with no spelling errors. The printing ink should not move, if it to wet a finger.
Pay attention to the temples of glasses. Inner side shall bear the inscription indicating the model number, color symbol, the symbol of conformity with the European quality standard (CE), level of sun protection. All labels should be smooth, crisp, not worn.
Coating eyeglasses branded glasses always stable, it can not be scratched or erased. Therefore, any defects on the rim or the traces of glue is a sign of counterfeit. The branded sunglass screws always painted in the same colour as the rims, the paint on the screws do not need to peel or crumble.
Don't be lazy before you purchase to visit the website of the manufacturer and download your chosen model. She must meet all specified parameters. The store also ask for a catalog and verify that the selected model is presented.
Put on the glasses. Turn the head from side to side. Good glasses should sit tight, not sliding during movement. Make sure that the glasses sit on the bridge of the nose smoothly.
View through the glasses on bright light. If you feel uncomfortable, most likely the lenses are not have a reliable protection and are fake.
These branded sunglasses can not be cheap. So check on the Internet the approximate value of points selected brand. Too low price should alert you.