You will need
  • coat;
  • - tag sample;
  • - water.
If you want to buy an authentic jacket, then give up the search of jackets well-known brands in the markets, stalls, some dubious shops. The original design solutions can only be found in leading boutiques. This is because clothing manufacturers are placing very high demands on the stores that sell their clothes.
High quality is expensive, so if the "brand" thing is half the price (even in the sale), then it should be alerted. However, it should be borne in mind that in the branded clothing stores from famous designers are good discounts.
Pay attention to the pattern, lines, seams, material, accessories. In this branded clothing, everything must be perfectly matched and sewn. The stitching should be even, pockets and zipper are arranged symmetrically. No neakkuratnosti in the form of puffs, obleshevo pattern, uneven stitches and loose threads (even from the wrong side!) real brand clothing just does not exist.
The authenticity of natural leather can be distinguished by its thermal features: put your hand on the surface of the jacket and if the skin is warmer, it natural, if not, then before you jacket of imitation leather. Please raw edge leather: natural leather will never delaminate. High-quality leather goods there are always tag-sample. Store it with water if skin is present, it will absorb moisture and slightly brown.