One of the most reliable ways to determine the authenticity of natural leather is its thermal feature. Attach the arm to the leather product, if the skin is warmer, it natural. If the product will remain cold, it is without a doubt made from faux leather.
One sure way to determine the authenticity of leather is to study carefully the raw edge of the skin. Usually on the cut faux-leather seen the film coating from the front portion and the bottom layer of fabric to which the coating adheres. The fact that the main difference between the genuine leather from the artificial is that fake fibers and genuine leather - no.
When testing leather products, try to determine its interaction with moisture. Sprinkle on the skin of water: this will absorb moisture and slightly darkened, but synthetic will remain unchanged. This operation can be performed and the attached skin samples and on the product. Keep in mind that all quality leather items which have a tag-pattern.
You should also know that natural skin is almost always thicker than the synthetic. If you want to check the authenticity of the suede, then swipe the surface with your hand. The pile must deflect, and the color of the product slightly darken.
Natural leather shoes or boots, you can check simple bending product. To do this, bend the toe to the heel (of course within reason). If the skin is natural, then the bending place no ditches will remain. If visible deep impression, alas... Shoes made of leather.