The world turned upside down. The whole world wears Adidas, and sport wear faster transitions from grade "extremely athletic" in a kind of urban style. Increasingly, you can see girls in sweats and sneakers, walking to the University. The popularity of sportswear is through the roof. Naturally, such a popular brand like Adidas, large number of fakes. So how to distinguish fake from the original and not to pay huge money for a fake?
First, buy things in shops Adidas Sport or Adidas Original. On the market there is a great probability that you, roughly speaking, to sell a fake that will spread at the seams after a few months, and you will be sad and frustrating for the wasted money.
Second, choosing a particular model, be sure to look at the official website, in what colors it is available. Counterfeiting is usually characterized by a flight of fancy.
Thirdly, always look at the quality of things. The originals are flat seams, the edges of the garment neatly. Fakes are made using yarns of low quality. Usually the stitches are uneven, with a large separation from each other. Stitched hastily and carelessly.
Fourth, the real Adidas clothing the tags have serial numbers. And shoes have right and left pairs of data the serial numbers never match. As for fakes, well, if the Shoe will be available at least the same serial number. At best, at worst they might not be.
Fifth, pay attention to packaging. It must depict the official logo, and it should be made of quality polyethylene.
And, of course, the main price. Don't be tempted, don't buy cheap things. The price will never be less than that specified on the official website of Adidas. As you know, avaricious pays twice. Do not overpay.