Save all you need for further work the files used in the applications. Save also the necessary account settings, logins and passwords from browsers ' visited pages, links to interesting resources, because the rollback the system to its original settings will wipe out changes made by the user to the current moment.
Complete work on the documents, saving all changes. Click start, point to programs. Go further in the directory to accessories, and then system tools. Select "system restore".
In appearing before you on the screen window on the right select the item "Restore an earlier state of the computer." Click next. In the new window you will see a calendar of previously-created system restore points. Some of them were created by you, and some automatically, for example, before you install any programs that could affect the operation of the system. You can also choose any other date to restore, but to return to the original settings it is best to return to the first position.
Use the arrows to scroll through the calendar you create recovery points at the date of the very first. If this day was made to create two control points, select the one that was produced in the beginning.
Click "Next". Carefully read the warning about the consequences of carrying out a system restore to the original condition or at any chosen moment.
Click next, thereby triggering the reconstruction process of the system. Wait until the program will perform all the necessary operations and restart the computer.