Click the "start" button and select the items "All programs" - > Accessories - > system tools - > system Restore". The screen will appear a dialog window with a system restore or to create a new points-images.
How to return <b>system</b> <strong>day</strong> back
To perform such operations require system administrator rights. So if you are working under an account without administrative privileges, you will be prompted for the administrator password. Before action to restore the system, enter the password in the displayed input box and click "OK".
Select the restore radio-item "system Restore". System reset can be carried out only if the previous account has been created restore points. At the bottom of the window, click "Next".
The recovery wizard displays a list of all available points of return. Select the required point from the list corresponding to the previous day's work. Again click "Next".
How to return <b>system</b> <strong>day</strong> back
In the next window of the wizard, check the correctness of the choice point and start the process of returning the system by clicking again on the "Next"button.
How to return <b>system</b> <strong>day</strong> back
The system will restore all its settings in accordance with the recorded data the previous day. Then, the computer will restart automatically. After rebooting, the screen would display a window with information about the success of the recovery. Click in the "OK" button and continue in the updated OS.
How to return <b>system</b> <strong>day</strong> back