Determine the size of the doll. Consider what size will be a future doll, she will sit or stand.

Make the main frame of the toy. Of thick wire twist "skeleton" of the doll. Give it to the desired position, unnecessary parts, remove with pliers.

Shape the body of the doll. Obtyanite soft thick material of the wire frame. As the winding is possible to use pieces of batting, wadding, soft tissue, etc. Secure the filler dolls strong thread or fishing line.

Fit an a body. Using nylon stocking Nude make skinny doll. For wrapping the torso, arms and legs you can use one solid piece of nylon. Line indicate the transition hand in hand, feet to feet, head to torso, etc. don't forget to create the doll's face – tighten the fishing line the nose and cheeks. Form the fingers and toes.

Create the doll's face. There are several options for the design of the face: appliques, embroidery and drawing. Paint face special textile markers – these lines will fade and they will retain their color. Embroidery can designate individual details – bright thread will give the doll a fun and playful look. Neat application of the color patches can be fixed with glue.

Pitch the doll's hair. The hair should display the theme toys – Russian lady will fit the braid made of artificial hair, doll-baby can be formed perky ponytails, she starts to build the forehead. As a material for the manufacture of hair, you can use thread, yarn, synthetic fibers.

Put the doll. Costume for homemade puppets can be made from small pieces of material or strapping. Decorative elements in the form of parts of beads, bright ribbons, embroidery, large buttons or pockets give the doll a matching look. Plan an outfit in advance. Not only the doll itself, you need to give it some personality. Only then can a homemade toy move on with his life and will to please his master.