The next step is the manufacture of parts. From clay, plasticine or other material vilaite individual parts of your doll. Every detail of the sand, because then all the existing irregularities will be visible on a porcelain cast. If you produce parts from paperclay cover them with varnish.
In the manufacture of all the parts you need think about where will be a hole for the pouring of the porcelain, then it was impossible to see on the finished product. For example, the holes in the parts of the body will close down the clothes, and the head – hair.
In addition to the details of the doll dolemite gate – there is a funnel which is then filled with liquid porcelain (slip). Each model, divide the line into two or three parts so that it was on the ground with the most difficult terrain.
For the manufacture of podmodelnuju use window putty or clay, which will place the model on a pre-planned line. Gypsum pour podmogilny so that the surface was not a single air bubble. After the plaster hardens, the mold is ready. Dry it for two to three days at room temperature and can continue the process of creating a doll. The dried form, assemble and staple a taut rubber band horizontally and vertically and put a gate up.
In the hole of the sprue pour porcelain (better toned) to the edge of the shape. Do it slowly to avoid air bubbles or cavities. Wait about 5 minutes, to give time to gain the desired thickness (2-3 mm), drain the remaining porcelain and after 2-3 hours remove the rubber bands and gently reanimate form. Carefully make holes in parts until it is soft and your detail is fully ready. Repeat the procedure with the remaining parts and connect them together. Making dolls – a question only your imagination. Doll of porcelain – a perfect gift for any occasion.