The treatment will progenealogists the patient on his back so that the muscles that are in the high tone, have been stretched. Put the paralyzed side of the chair, put on his pillow. Then put her injured hand palm up. Straighten the elbow and move to the side, so that between it and the body formed a right angle. Under his arm put the roller, the fingers straighten. Next, the fingers, hand and forearm primenjuje to lengede (use plywood or light metal). Then, to lock the hand, place on top of a small bag of salt or sand weighing about 500 g. a Paralyzed leg bend in the knee (at an angle of 15-20 degrees) and put under her cushion. The foot must be fixed at a right angle. In this position, the patient should be 1.5-2 hours 2-3 times a day.
Treatment stonemade the doctor will allow the patient to sit, he needs to learn to "walk" in a sitting position. Help the patient to sit up in bed. Under your back place a pillow and put under the feet of the bench. Now it needs to simulate walking. For a start it is enough to perform the exercise for 3-5 minutes per day. Over time, increase the duration to 1 hour. Once the patient has learned to "go browsing", ask him to try to stand up, holding on to the headboard. Hold him by the waist and fix the joint of the patient's legs in a bent position with his knee.Next, ask the patient to stand up. Help podstrahovyvayas it. Ensure that the patient stood erect, evenly distributing the weight on two legs. First, the stand should be 1-3 minutes. Gradually increase the time spent in this position for up to 30 minutes.When people learn to stand confidently, it needs to develop alternate weight shift from one foot to the other. At first, he needs to stick behind the headboard or a special bracket in the wall. Also don't forget to fix the joint to a leg injury in flattened form.
Treatment codenamespace actively help the patient. Stand up from the bad moving limbs, and a paralyzed hand he should put you on the neck, helping himself with his good hand.Next, invite the person to try to take a few steps without support, but with support. For this fit a regular chair or a special Walker, and then go on a stick. Start with walking around the room, the apartment. Then get to the ladder and go outside. Pay attention to the position of the foot of the patient. Watch out that his leg was actively bent at the knee and hip joints weren't moved to the side and does not touch the toe floors.Very useful to walk along the path with signs which can be built independently. To do this, take a piece of the Wallpaper, soak the foot and walk on it. Then drag your tracks - your track is ready. Ask the patient to pass through it. He needs to get to trail my stop focusing on it. And that leg is not clinging to the floor, put a matchbox in front of the marks from the sore feet. The task of the patient - not to hurt them. Gradually increase the height of the obstacles up to 15 cm.
Self-treatment balneohotels classes simple and effective. For example in the development of the shoulder joint will suit the following exercise. Fingers healthy hands take fingers paralyzed "the castle". Raise your hands, then tilt left and right. If the toes are already fairly well bent complicate the exercise. Take gymnastic stick with two hands. Then lift it up and lower over head.For the development of dexterity and coordination, it is useful to work with cubes, plasticine and children's designer.You should also master the locks, valves, water valves, switches and telephone. You need to gradually connect to cleaning the apartment, cooking and washing dishes.
To restore attention, speech and coordination spend with patients every day, a few exercise games. For example: - "synonyms" (the patient calls the word, similar in meaning with the word you mentioned); - "opposites" (opposite in meaning); - "think of the name" (for picture, pictures, photos); - "think of rhyme"; - "to be continued" (the patient remembers and finishes the line from the poem).And in the later stages of recovery useful puzzles, crosswords, puzzles, mental calculation, "TIC TAC toe" game in words. As well as the patient ought daily to write and draw.