You will need
  • - vivariums;
  • lamp;
  • - coarse sand;
  • stones;
  • - granulated food for aquarium fish;
  • - vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood;
  • - sodium chloride or sea salt;
  • - calcium chloride;
  • ceramic shards.
Before you buy the crab at the pet store, you need to select the most suitable home. Regular aquarium, i.e. indoor pond without land, will not work. For keeping crabs at home need a special aquaterrarium, where sufficient water will be combined with stone Islands and varied vegetation. Size of the aquaterrarium and the ratio of water and land in it depend solely on your chosen species of crabs.
The fact that a large part of the life of a crab held on the beach and not in the water. To create for your pet an optimal conditions of existence, to arrange his home so that the crab could no problem to move from a small artificial pond on the shore. On stone Islands place the lamp. Crabs like light, you often will be able to observe how your Pets like to visit the artificially created "Solarium".
As the substrate, use coarse sand. Constantly lubricate it with a dropper or "high tide-low tide". The thickness of the sand layer should be about 5 cm. the same value should be followed in the organization of pond crab. It should be firm and lightly salted. In order to prepare it, dissolve 1 teaspoon of sea or table salt and 1 tsp of calcium chloride in 10 l of water.
In the pond for crabs it is desirable to set the filter. These creatures thrive in cold, clean water. Change 25% of the total have weekly. Flush the soil and remove faeces and food debris should be once in two months.
Take care and the construction of shelters for the crabs. These creatures work to defend their right to privacy, so they just need a quiet place where they can hide from prying eyes. The role shelters can play ceramic shards of various sizes and the gaps between large stones.
In relation to nutrition homemade crab unpretentious. The basis of the diet may be high-quality granulated food for aquarium fish. Will not give up crabs and cats, bloodworms, Tubifex and Daphnia dry. Diversify the power of Pets with finely chopped vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood. Small pieces of these treats carefully place in front of the tourists on the Islands the stone crab.
If you do not wish to periodically observe the "gladiatorial fights" and violent battles, get one crab. These beings are inveterate individualists, so alone feel so much more comfortable than in the company of their kind. Despite the attractive and harmless at first glance, the appearance, the crabs are pretty aggressive. In nature, often between males fighting for territory, shelter, females, and food. Often these fights end in death.