You will need
  • - rear view camera with the connection kit;
  • - radio with monitor.
Rear view camera should have three wires. Red – positive wire for power connection. Black negative power wire. Yellow – the connection of the video image. Red and black wires connect to the reversing light. The camera will only work when reverse gear is engaged. Almost all camera models designed for short-term use when Parking mode of a permanent job brings them down.
When the connection is made be careful. Incorrect connection will cause damage to camera and/or receivers, although some camera models are protected from incorrect connection. In rare cases, the positive wire of the camera is equipped with built-in fuse. So when you connect provide short circuit protection by a fuse with a nominal value of 0.5 A.
Yellow wire one connector connect to the camera, and the other to a special output unit. To find the right exit can be instruction to the radio or printed on the back of the device. If the radio does not have a dedicated connector, connect the yellow cable to the output labeled VIDEO IN.
The latest models of cameras instead of coax cable transmit video using wireless transmission technology image. Included with the camera should be a receiver and transmitter of signals. Install the camera and connect the power to it. Connect the transmitter to the camera according to the manufacturer's instructions. Receiver connect to the unit via connector labeled VIDEO IN, or using a dedicated output. When you turn the camera image automatically appears on the display of the radio.
After completing all connections, carefully insulate the connections of wires, applying electrical tape overlap. Again check the connection of the supply wires to avoid short-circuit. Check system operation in all modes.