Advice 1: How to remove the bumper in the Peugeot 406

The need to remove the bumper occurs, as a rule, if it is damaged for repairs. Want to save time and energy turn to the experts. Want to save money and to learn the repair of your iron friend try to do it yourself.
How to remove the bumper in the Peugeot 406
Dismantling of car front bumper Peugeot 406 start by removing the front headlight. Then raise the front of the car and lock it, setting the stand. For removing inner fender wheel arch, Unscrew the screws holding them to the front bumper. Then separate the fender liner from the bumper and remove bolts attaching them to the body.
If the vehicle is equipped with fog lights, loosen the clamps attaching them and disconnect the electrical connectors from the wires. Remove the bolts securing the bumper: two on top and three on the bottom. Find it in the jacks lights locks and release them by turning 90 degrees. Disconnect the front bumper from vehicle by pulling it straight forward.
To remove the back bumper on the car Peugeot 406 sedan Unscrew the screws located on the inside of the Luggage compartment and remove the inner rear of the trunk. Remove the panel mounting left and right corners of the inner trim of the trunk by unscrewing their securing screws. For removing caps of fastening, remove the Central pin, the retaining caps themselves. Then remove the side trunk trim to access the mounting of the bumper.
On cars with a body a hatchback, open the rear door and remove the interior trunk trim from the base and sides. Remove the rivets attaching the side trim of the trunk to the floor. Loosen bracket and remove the plastic glove box.
On all models, remove the ventilation Assembly with the right rear corner of the trunk by unscrewing the screws of its fastening. From the bottom of the car Unscrew the screws attaching the fender liner to the bumper. Tilting the wheel arches from the bumper, Unscrew the nuts fastening the ends of the bumper to the body, and then the mounting nuts to the bumper. From inside the trunk remove the six nuts fastening the top of the bumper.
Disconnect the connector with the wires for the license plate light located at the left of the reversing light. Remove the rear bumper, freeing the ends and o-rings wire license light.
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Install the front and rear bumpers is in the reverse order of removal.

Advice 2: How to remove front bumper on the "Mazda 3"

Removal and installation front bumper on the car "Mazda 3" is best done in the pit on the rack, or hung out the front of the gondola. Otherwise, due to low ground clearance characteristic of "Mazda", you will experience much inconvenience.
How to remove front bumper on the "Mazda 3"
You will need
  • - the wrench;
  • - flat blade screwdriver.
Before starting work disconnect the negative cable from the battery terminals. Then remove the crankcase. In the area of attachment of the fender liner to the bumper, locate the plastic clips and remove them. Gently pushing the inner fender, locate the bolt securing the bumper to the fender and Unscrew it. The same procedure on the other side of the car.
Looking at the bumper from below, find 10 bolts that secure it to the bottom and Unscrew them. After that, open the hood, locate the headlight mount. It consists of a large bolt and three clips. Loosen the bolt and the clip closest to the radiator. The rest of the clips to loosen is not necessary. Then remove the rubber cushion softens the blow of the hood when it is closed. Under these elastics find the plastic clips. Pry them with a flat head screwdriver, slide to side and remove from sockets. Remove the four clips holding the top part of the bumper and the grille.
Grasp the ends of the bumper or behind the niche of the wheels, pull them outward to disengage the lock of the bumper and remove it from the rails. Try not to break directional "antennae" on the mounting brackets. After disconnecting one of the castles of the bumper it could fall off and damage. So with the release of one of the locks fasten it properly.
From the grille on the front of the amplifier, locate the front lock and otdelnie it. Then, holding the front part of the bumper, pull it forward. Don't forget to take steps that prevent slipping on the floor. If the vehicle is equipped with fog lights, first gently pull out the bumper, unplug them, and then continue dismantling the parts. Taking off the bumper, follow the external temperature sensor to avoid damaging it. It is located behind the lower bumper grill, on the border of the bumper and guard.
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