You will need
  • - gym membership
Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Put your hands behind your head and slightly bend your knees. Make the slopes through the sides until the elbows touch the knees. If necessary, slightly open the lock behind the head, or even do not touch the knees elbows. The main thing is to bend each side to the limit. Follow these five or six approaches fifteen to twenty repetitions each.
Lie on the floor, feet put on the platform. Put your hands behind your head. Do the exercises, the same simple twists, but with every stroke turn your body, trying to reach the right elbow to the left leg and left elbow to the right leg, respectively. Every repetition should be performed strong centrifugal movement executed at speed. Perform three to four sets of ten to twelve repetitions each.
Fasten the legs on the bench press. Lie on your right side. Put your hands behind your head and do side crunches, with the force of a flexing hull. Every time you have to lift the body up, straining a side muscle the press and making the exercise as slowly as possible - so you will achieve maximum results. Follow these fifteen approaches in three replicates.