Install a satellite dish in the yard, on the wall or the roof of the house so that in the direction to the satellite ABS1 75e there is no obstruction to signal reception, namely of tall trees or tall buildings. To determine the rotation and elevation of the dish, please visit
Connect the coaxial cable from the linear Converter Ku-band satellite receiver in the slot in LBN. For signal provider "Raduga TV" it should have a module for decoding the signal in the system Irdeto 2 or a card slot (CI slot) for installation of a card access.
Connect the receiver to the TV. Turn it on. Adjust for example, satellite tuner World Vision, which recommended provider "Raduga TV". To do this, click "Menu" on the remote control receiver. Navigate to User Prefence. Fix the selection by pressing the OK button. Click Right and select your menu language to be displayed in the future. Click OK. The "Menu" tab, select the line "add". Click OK in the pop-up window enter the default code 0000. Click OK.
Press "Right" button and adjust the antenna to the reception with 12548 and transponder 12610, polarization – vertical (v), flow rate – 22000. On the scale settings window will show the quality and signal strength in percent. If these options are not enough, adjust satellite antenna, slowly moving it left-right and up-down. The appearance of the maximum signal, fix it.
If the transponder is not entered or the parameters have changed, then manually enter their values. Press the blue button and scan the channels. Run the same procedure when adding a new transponder. Down on the bottom line and conduct a search for programs.