Channels Raduga TV broadcast satellite ABS–1. The set of equipment you must provide the receiver Golden Interstar GI-S790 IR Xpeed, pre-programmed to receive all channels Raduga TV. Must also be pre-installed some system settings, such as Russian language as the menu language main audio language.
To enable audible indication, go to menu, select "user settings" and then stop at the level of the audio signal. Select a number from one to ten, which corresponds to the sound level. This item allows the installer to control the hearing the signal received by the antenna, and the accuracy of its settings for a particular satellite.
To configure the receiver for reception in the menu select "Setup" and in the list select the satellites ABS–1. Satellite TV "Raduga TV" is always being broadcast from this satellite. Next, locate the submenu "configure TP" to select the transponder Raduga TV. There may be many, and they are expressed by a set of numbers, for example, 12518.
Next in this menu, note the two indicators: "Quality" and "Power", which is displayed in numerical form. Connected but not tuned antenna has the following values: power - 50%, quality – 30%. "Sound settings" shows the frequency of occurrence of short tone signals with interval of about 1 second. For optimal settings, set the maximum values of the graphic indicators and the minimum interval between the audio packages.
To make sure that the antenna is tuned to the correct satellite, go to the list view of channels. Since you don't need to find channels, a list should appear on the screen. This means that the antenna is ready to use.
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