You will need
  • satellite dish 90 cm;
  • - a universal Converter Ku-band;
  • receiver module Irdeto-2 or CI slot;
  • card access "Raduga TV".
Get to connect to a TV provider "rainbow" necessary equipment. A typical set consists of a satellite antenna with a diameter of not less than 90 cm, wall mount for it, a linear Converter with one output, a receiver for receiving an encoded TV signal system Irdeto-2 or with CI slot and card access provider "Raduga TV".
Install a satellite dish on a house wall, roof or yard pole. In the first case the bracket needs to stand horizontally, the second vertically. Let's get set up. Operator "Raduga" uses for broadcasting satellite ABS-1 (75 ° East). The position of the satellite antenna directly depends on the region, therefore, to select the precise positioning it is better to use special websites, for example,
Enter to site coordinates or the name of your locality and select the satellite ABS-1 (75е). You can then specify on the map the exact location of the installation. The website will calculate and offer you the exact values of the MIND (elevation angle), azimuth direction to the satellite and the angle of the Converter. After obtaining the necessary data to follow the rotation of the Converter depending on the coordinates of the location of the antenna relative to the seventy-fifth Meridian.
Calculate the direction to the satellite (indicator azimuth) using a compass. To do this, put the right angle on the blue arrow (North pole) clockwise. The value of elevation is calculated this website without the calculation of the angle of oftenest. This angle can vary depending on the antenna type. So on the antenna, Golden Interstar, Supral or World Vision the value of the elevation angle coincides with the value on the website, and on the antennas, RUSSET seat angle equal to 24. For the most accurate tuning of the antenna requires special equipment. If you do not have access to it, configure it using the receiver. However, it should be noted that the scale used in the receiver is not accurate.