To learn the history of his family, hang out with the older relatives. It can be grandparents, aunts, uncles as mother and father. Ask them what they remember about their own ancestors. If they know their names, surnames, nicknames. How many of them had spouses, how many had children. Who was in the profession. All the data record in a notebook. They will be very valuable for further research.
Received from the relatives all the necessary information, go to the Internet. On such websites as and, completely free to know the history of their name, and find distant relatives.
In any case, do not use the services of the resources that are asked to send an SMS to register on the website. Most often it is the crooks who will just withdraw money from the account of the mobile phone. All found data transfer in the notebook. By grouping them together, it will be easier to trace the formation of the surname.
If you find enough information alone did not work, contact specialized research centers involved in onomastics. They study the origin of names and surnames. Their services are paid. However, you will write a paper, sealed with seals, in which all such records pertaining to the history of the origin of your kind. You can be sure that made a really serious work with documents in storage and to isolate what explains the creation of your name.