Start with remaking famous songs. This is the most simple and easy for beginners of the genre of poetry: you have to be ready melody, phrasing and mood of song. Very convenient to alter composition under certain events – performance of the KVN team, congratulations to the labor team with the eighth of March, or a lighthearted song in honor of the jubilee. After changing one or two of the texts you will feel much more confident.
Start with rap or chanting. This genre is very accurately defined as "the desire to sing dominates the ability to sing" and it was partly deserved: the songwriting does not require you to complex harmonies and melodies – will only help to improve the ability to rhyme. In addition, because the melody is not so important, the instrumentals in this style is very versatile, and music forums you can find hundreds of design options for private composti.
Learn a musical instrument. Of course, writing complex melodies require you to have at least some accompany myself. Classic and versatile option guitar, which is possible to learn just two months. If you want to stay in the genre of recitative or learn to write complete songs, use software such as Fruity Loops – they will help you to write tunes for any level of quality and complexity.
Listen to lots of music of different genres. All is already invented to us, so it's not wrong to carefully study the area in which you work. If you want to become an author of popular songs, then you need to know a priori the mass creativity of all performers, both in Russia and abroad. In addition, it will be useful to study other genres – you might find something to inspire you.
Don't try to write masterpieces exclusively. Looking at creativity from different artists, you may notice that not every song claims to be the "hit". Therefore, you do not try to put in every song everything you have on your mind. As very precisely said Victor Pelevin: "Sell the most valuable thing you need as late as possible and as expensive as possible, because then the trade will have nothing".