Do not try to cover at once all his life in three verses. Select one fragment of life, one incident or a series of similar events. When choosing, consider not only your own taste, but tastes of future listeners. The topic should be of interest primarily to them.
We present a plot of the poetic text in prose. Don't go into the details. To mention only the main events and avoid details. At first details it is better to avoid, but gain experience, you will be able to understand that you can add and leave in the text.
Structure of a prose text, breaking apart the solos. A small piece summarizing the meaning of the song, leave the chorus. Do not disclose to him the essence of the song, if you want to leave the suspense until the climax – leave only a small hint.
From the prose text compose poetry, rhyming lines at their discretion. Do not attempt to create complex form – when added to music, fine details will be smoothed and lose brightness. Besides complex structures impede the perception of meaning.
Write the text to the music in the planned style according to the scheme: introduction – first solo – chorus – second solo – chorus – instrumental bridge is the third solo – chorus – ending. In the beginning use a small set of tools (one to three). To lose instrumental (solo) or a third solo boost set to the maximum number. So you will attain the development of melodies and acute climax. The form could be slightly modified to add, remove unnecessary fragments. Impressive solo will be painted in contrasting mood to the rest of the song (major in minor, fast, slow, in triple time chetyrehbalnoy, etc.).
From verse to verse not just add instruments and change the harmony. Lower and raise the bass on the third, to change the color of the entire chord in General and melody in particular.