According to Russian labor law you have the right to resign at any time, the key is to notify your employer two weeks (14 calendar days). It does not matter whether you work these two weeks, or relaxing is the time given by the employer to find a replacement. Is this possible and in that case, if the resigning officer is resting at the resort thousands of miles away from the workplace.
So, if you took the decision to dismiss, while on vacation – you can two weeks before his graduation to write a statement "on their own" and indicate the date of dismissal last day of your leave (to leave before the end of the vacation, you are not eligible). In this case, to make you "work" your boss has no right – you just have to fire through two weeks.
If while on vacation you don't want to show up to work, you can send a letter of resignation in the mail. For this you have to send it by registered letter with list of enclosures and acknowledgment of receipt of the letter. In this case, the reference two-week period begins from the receipt of the letter to your employer.
If before the expiry of your holiday is less than two weeks, you may not require dismissal on the day of return from leave, and your boss may require "testing" the remaining days.