1. Please someone from poor folding of the Laundry in a transparent bag and putting it near the dumpster, "in the mind". I assure you, after a while someone will use your "gift". Unfortunately, we still have a lot of people are on the verge of poverty and for them the clothes, though old, it will be of help. And you will have inner warm feeling that you didn't throw it away, and gave.

2. Use linen to protect car seat when transporting a dog.

3. Usually the sheets are cleaned and torn in the middle, and the sides remain sturdy. You can cut out and sew together these pieces of pillowcases.

4. Summer resident can use the sheets for the manufacture of garters for tomatoes - very soft and comfortable material.

5. Hostess with animals can cut the linen into small pieces and use them as covers on bedding, so you will save sunbeds from frequent washing.

6. Of lingerie lovely colors you can make some disposable towels and napkins to give, very conveniently, wiped his hands or the dishes and threw away!

7. Similarly, you can cut the same napkins, but a smaller size for use in the kitchen. Because of the softness they are very handy to wipe the dishes before placing in cabinets.

8. Linen to cover furniture instead of covers at the conservation garden furniture for the winter or to protect furniture during maintenance.

9. The pillowcase can be used as a bag for storing various items and products (shoes, toys, herbs, sugar, etc.). Easier to use it , if you flash the top and put a rope or bake for nuts.

10. The pillow cover can cover, say, a sewing machine as a cover, so it does not get dusty.

11. Green crops (lettuce, dill, parsley), wrapped in a damp pillow case, then in plastic, very well and long preserved in the vegetable section of your refrigerator.

12. Children will love your idea to use the old prostine for the "tent". Usually they are happy for a long time and play in this makeshift house. Cm. photo.
You need to take four bars of a height of 1.5 m , drill them through the hole and thread it round a stick - the "ridge" of the roof. To the corners of the bed sheet to sew the elastics and tie them to the bars, put "breaking", i.e. to represent a tent.