Get a bottle with a drink hero of the day (non alcoholic or alcoholic depending on his preferences). If you do not know what drink he likes, gently ask yourself this.
Gently, not to hurt, peel off the bottle label.
Scan taken from bottle sticker, set the scanner resolution of three hundred dots per inch.
If the photos of the celebrant you have in the computer was not, in advance, a few days before the event, take a picture of it under any pretext (for example, tell him that the need to publish in the newspaper). But in any case don't tell him what the real purpose of photography.
With the help of any program for photo montage, for example, Mtpaint, GIMP, Irfan View or Photoshop, fabricate on the basis of scanned images of stickers and photos of the celebrant organic collage. If you want, almost imperceptibly redo of the labels so that, for example, is the name of the beverage on the new sticker adorned the greeting the celebrant, performed the same or similar font.
Be sure to find at work or at a friend colour laser printer. Inkjet will not work, because under the influence of glue and sticky tape the ink will melt. In a pinch, use a black and white laser printer, and then color the printouts with crayons (not markers!), without, however, painting the picture itself.
Make a printout of the very same size as the original sticker. From the front cover of wide masking tape and then cut out the contour.
Wipe the bottle dry. Treat it particularly gently in the case, if it is champagne. Stick to the new bottle label. The ceremony will hand you made the original gift to the celebrant.