You will need
  • cover from kinder surprise
  • - cardboard
  • - satin ribbon
  • - hot glue
  • - scissors
  • - a simple pencil
Draw on the cardboard a circle of that diameter, what will be the fields on your hat (the bigger the diameter, the larger the field the hats). Cut out it.
Then put on a mid-cut circle cover from kinder surprise and draw out it. Cut out the core of our circle, a little more circled in diameter.
Paste cover from kinder satin ribbon with the outer and inner sides so that there were no gaps.
Field for our hats need to glue satin ribbon 2.5 cm (if the tape is wider, it is not very convenient to wrapped).
When the lid and the fields are pasted, you can seal them together. To do this, we insert our own cover in the field and hold with hot glue in a circle to fix our product. Give the glue to dry as it should.
You can decorate a hat. To do this, do acute petal kanzashi ribbon 2.5 cm, different colors and wrenched the middle of the petal outward. Put on the hat of petals in any direction and in any order as You like, and fix them with glue.
This hat is very tight on the bottle of champagne. It can be easily removed to open the bottle, drink the entire contents and back to the hat. The bottle will remain the same beautiful and elegant.