You will need
  • Computer, app ARCHPR, Internet access
Remember, there is no guarantee the decryption of the archive, moreover, the more characters in your password, the less chance for a successful decoding. But the probability to decrypt the files is still there. For this you will need special software. Download from the Internet, ARCHPR app and install it on your computer. Need to download the latest version.
Run the program. Select the line Options. In the line select Language "Russian". Now the program interface is in Russian language. In the upper right window of the program is the string "attack". Click on the arrow that is just below this inscription. Opens a menu where select "Bust". Further note on the toolbar in the middle of the program window. Among the options, select "Length".
If you know exactly how many characters is the password, enter this number in the line "Minimum password length" and the string "Maximum password length". If you do not know how many characters in the password, check the value of "1" in the minimum row and "7" maximum. If the number of characters is greater than seven, to decrypt this file would be virtually impossible.
Then in the top window select "File" and specify the path to the file you want to decrypt. This will start the decryption process. Remember, even on the most powerful computers the duration of the decryption process of the file may exceed ten hours. At the end of the process a window will appear with the result of the program. If the program will be able to decrypt the file, this window will be and password.
If the program fails to find the password as the method of operation of the program, select "dictionary". Then the process is the same as in the first case. The only parameter is the "Length" setting is unnecessary, as it in this case is not available.