You will need
  • - text editor Microsoft Word;
  • program Stirlitz.
To change the encoding of a text file by using Microsoft Word. Run the file for which you want to change the encoding. Then in the program menu select "File" and "Save as". A menu will appear save file. You can choose a new folder. In this case, it will remain a copy of the document, but with a new encoding. If you save the file in the original folder, it will simply replace the old version of the document.
The bottom of the export window there is a line "Type of file". Next is the arrow. Click on this arrow. As the type of the file , select "plain text" and click "Save". Next window will open the "Convert file", which is the string "text Encoding". Select "Other" and in the encoding list, select the one you need. After click "Save". The document with the changed encoding will be saved in your chosen folder.
If text you see just a set of symbols, and do not know in what encoding the text file is created, use Stirlitz. You can download it from the Internet. The program is free, weighs less than one megabyte. Install the application on your computer. Run it.
In the program menu select "File" then "Open". Using the browse specify the path to the text file. Highlight the file by left-click of the mouse. Then on the bottom of the overview window click "Open". In the program window will start the process of selecting the correct encoding to the text file.
Also you can change the encoding yourself. To do this, simply select the document by pressing Ctrl+A. Then in the program window, select the desired encoding of the text file. To save the settings click "File". If you select "Save", save the file in the new encoding, and if the "Save as" copy of the document.