Advice 1: How to recognize psychic powers

People with extrasensory perception and other special abilities, not so little. But most of these abilities are dormant, so people may not even be aware that has certain rare gift.
How to recognize psychic powers
Psychic abilities can manifest themselves in different ways, so there's no single criterion to evaluate their presence. One easier healing, others have the gift of clairvoyance, and others can influence events, etc. etc. Can reveal unusual ability, spending a number of simple experiments.
Many people have the ability to bioenergy treatment. When you try to help your loved ones relieve symptoms of a disease, for example headache with high blood pressure. To do this, stand behind the sitting patient and smooth passes of the hands of every located in the area of the head of the energy cluster down, spreading it evenly over the body. Then measure the pressure it should significantly decrease.
Try to assess their ability to receive through a dream of the future. Traditionally, the interpretation of dreams used dreams. But you should know that they are working quite badly and the person seeking to extract from dreams useful information should be your own dream interpretation. To do this every morning to record dreams, then, in the evening, to compare them with the events of the day. Gradually you will be able to identify the model for you subjects and marks, indicating the approach of those or other events.
Slip into a vertically mounted needle, paper, spiral, cover it on top of a glass or a transparent plastic cap – this can be a vase, aquarium, etc. When the spiral is completely shut, try to mentally rotate it in one direction or another. If the spiral obediently follows your thoughts, so you have certain abilities.
Go to the Park, sit on the bench. Look at the clouds. Relax, then select the appropriate cloud and try to mentally cut it in half. Can try to dissolve the cloud, but remember that the cloud should not be single – otherwise the experience will not be clean. Small, single clouds melt by themselves, so select one of more of the same type. If your cloud disappeared, and the same cloud next to remained intact, then congratulations with the presence of extraordinary abilities.
Sitting on the bench, try to mentally manipulate the birds. Make the bird sit on a branch or fly a certain way. Can try to program a situation where someone approaches you and asks you to smoke or to tell time. If the world responds to your requests and executes the plans, you have the unusual ability.
Try scanning you encountered people. Namely looking at a person, try to understand who he is, what is. Do not guess, do not fantasize, just register pop up in your mind images and impressions. At the event, if possible, test them out. Over time you may notice that your "guesses" become more accurate, which is evidence of your ability to "remove" information.
Take a deck of cards. Turning it face up, try to divide the deck by suit without looking on the front side of the cards. The theory of probability, you must guess at least 25%. If this result significantly more, you can obtain information about the suit cards, not looking at her. Then you can try to guess not only the suit but also the value of the card. Can feel the front of the card, this increases the percentage of guessing.
Many people have powers of telepathy. Find a partner to work together, the better the opposite sex. The farther apart you live, the better. At the selected time, better evening, mentally transmit to each other any images. First one another, the next day Vice versa. After the session, analyze the information – what was transferred and what was received. To broadcast one image allot four minutes, then one minute rest, then stream a new image. The number of images it is better to limit to five.

Advice 2 : How to test for psychic ability

Psychic ability, also known as abilities, inherent in every human in varying degrees. Only one of these abilities are in their infancy, others more or less pronounced, and only a very few people these abilities are manifested brightly, and their presence is not in doubt.

It also happens that a person does not know that he has great talent for sorcery or magic. Want to check? This will help you this quiz to test their psychic abilities.
How to test for psychic ability
Answer the test questions (Yes/no):

1. Do you have interest in magic, extrasensory perception, mysticism, paranormal phenomena?

2. Do you dream prophetic dreams?

3. Your favorite time of day – late evening or night?

4. Did you happen to predict or anticipate events that need to happen? Come true do they?

5. Have you had occasions when you have thee speak out the phrase for the other person?

6. Do you feel a tingling sensation of the hands touching the Antiques?

7. You have heightened sensitivity and you "feel" other people?

8. Do you feel subtle energy, for example, the aura, the aura?

9. Do you feel the danger of its occurrence?

10. You better to feel alone than in the company of other people?

11. You strange animals react?

12. You have more energy than most people?

13. Did you find that it changes your eye color?

14. Can you relieve pain, heal with your hands?

15. If a person has hurt you, but he's got something bad happens?

16.If junk appliances (TV, radio, computer) when you are nearby?

17. How have you felt in the dark the presence of astral beings?
Now evaluate the test results. The more Yes answers you score, the more you have psychic or magical abilities.

Advice 3 : How to discover your psychic ability

Today you can see psychics on TV, read about them on specialized websites, to meet on the street. Maybe you have psychic abilities? How to detect them in yourself? This can be determined by key signs.
How to discover your psychic ability
The first sign of the presence of psychic abilities is strange dreams. If you often have lucid and prophetic dreams, it means you have nascent psychic abilities and begins to open the third eye.
The events you've seen in lucid dreams a night, may be repeated in the afternoon. It is a form of prediction.
Not to forget the dream immediately after awakening relate yourself to it, and later record. Do this every day, and then reread the record.
Another sign of the presence of psychic abilities is to synchronize in life. Please note, there may be many of your thoughts and feelings begin to manifest in the space around you. This has the makings of psychic abilities. You can begin to attract events, which is constantly thinking. Perhaps not in your power to control these predictions.
Try to wish something good to a person who has problems. Often remember about your spell. Perhaps with your help he does things will get better, and you make sure their psychic abilities.
Try to discover your psychic ability with maps. Remove from the deck any card and not turning it, try to guess the color of the suit. If it turns out you do not need to stop, try to call the suit, and then the rank of the card.
Take an old family album and you will move the hands on photos of people. Try to understand, there is different feelings from the pictures and alive photos dead people. The differences can be varied: temperature, color, in front of the eyes can occur picture. If you think that the feeling is different, so test yourself - do the same with pictures of people you don't know.
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