You will need
  • - tape length 10m,
  • - wire with a diameter of 1-2,5 mm
Fabricate an l-shaped frame from wire. The length of its horizontal part should be equal to 40 cm, and the vertical 20 cm Angle between the sides of the frame should be 91-92 degrees.
Spend a session of meditation to purify the consciousness.
Expand and place the tape measure in a straight line.
Stand in the point, coinciding with "0" on the roulette wheel.
Ask your assistant to take the frame in your right hand.Take the frame you need so that it is in contact with the hand in only two places. The upper part of the framework should be based on the index finger, in the region of its second phalanx. The lower part of the frame must be supported by the little finger. In this case, the vertical part of the frames should protrude from the bottom of no more than 1.5 cm Hand of an assistant should be flexed at the elbow joint and located at chest level. The horizontal part of the frame should be sent to you at a slight angle, so that the frame was in the position of unstable equilibrium. Muscle assistant must be maximally relaxed.
Ask your assistant to move away to a distance of 6-7 meters away from you and mentally formulate the question: "Where does the border of the biofield of this person?". It should be clearly understood that getting the correct answer depends on the correctness of the wording of the question.
Control position and have an assistant start slow motion in your face, mentally repeating the question.As you get closer to the border of your frame bio-field will begin to deviate in one direction or another. From this point, you must slow down and carefully observe the tip of the frame.
Once the position of the frame are parallel to your chest, ask your assistant to stop and consider the results of the measurements with a tape measure. This value corresponds to the boundaries of your biofield.
To exclude errors, repeat the experiment.