You will need
  • documents of the company, the employee sent on a business trip, A4 paper, computer, pen.
The decision to dispatch a particular employee to a business trip takes the first face of the company on the basis of a Memorandum to the head of the structural unit. In official business registers the purpose of the trip.
On the basis of duty, the Director writes an order. In the header of the document, you must specify the full name of the entity in accordance with constituent documents or a surname, a name a patronymic of the individual for the individual entrepreneur. In the middle of the A4 sheet is printed the name of the document in capital letters. The order is assigned to a personnel number and date of publication that corresponds to the date of the decision to send the employee to a business trip.
After the phrase "to send to a mission" filled the field of order designed for the data specialist. The head specifies the surname, name and patronymic of the employee who is sent to a mission, position, name of structural unit in which the employee works. Further written details of the organization that made the trip (country, city, company name).
According to memos written duration of a specialist trip, start and end date of visit (day, month, year).
In a business trip the employee is sent to a certain organization for a specific purpose, therefore, in order briefly you need to register it, to highlight the importance of the trip.
Stay for a business trip, the company shall pay the employee, as the employee must be in a different city firms. By what means is the trip, in the order prescribed.
This document is issued by the Director of the organization and therefore are signed by him indicating his or her position, surname and initials.
Personnel officers should advise the specialist sent to a business trip, with the order. The employee writes their name, initials and puts his signature and date of signature.