On the desktop is not the folder "My documents", but only its icon. The folder is by default located on the C drive. to return to the icon "My documents" on your desktop, call the window "display Properties". For this, go to "control Panel" via the start menu, under "appearance and themes" select "Screen" or "Change background Wallpaper". If control panel is displayed in classic view, just select "Screen".
In the dialog that opens click "desktop" and click "customize desktop" at the bottom of the window. Opens an additional dialog box "desktop Items". Go to the "General" tab, under "desktop Icons" install token box next to the icon of the folder "My documents". Click OK to close the window. In the window "display Properties" click the "Apply" button, close the window by clicking on the OK button or the x in the upper right corner of the window.
Given that the desktop is only shortcuts, you can create a shortcut to the folder "My documents". To do this, go into the directory folder location, click on its icon with the right mouse button, in the drop-down menu, select "Send" from the submenu select "desktop (create shortcut)". The appearance of the folder will be slightly different from the former, however, quick access from the desktop to the contained in this folder files will provide this.
If the folder "My documents" has disappeared from the start menu, right click the mouse on the task bar, in the drop-down menu, select "Properties" or click the toolbar with the left mouse button and press Alt and Enter. In the opened window, click on the "start Menu", place the marker next to "Classic start menu" and click "Configure". In the section "Composition of the start menu, click "Add". In the advanced window, specify the path to the folder "My documents". Apply the new settings, close the window.
If you moved the folder "My documents" to another drive, and now want to return it to its original location click on the folder "My documents", right-click, in the drop-down menu, select "Properties", clicking on it with any mouse button. Click "destination Folder", under "target folder Location", click "default". Click "Apply", close the properties window.