In most cases, the files and folders are not removed immediately from the computer. They are placed in a folder "Cart" and view the contents to your desktop. To recover folder from recycle bin, open it by clicking on the icon with the left mouse button. Locate the desired folder, select it and click on the line link "Restore this item" on the panel of typical tasks in the left part of the window.
Alternative methods: click on a folder in the recycle bin, right-click and select the context menu command "Restore". Or click on the folder you want to back, the left mouse button. Opens a new dialog box "Properties for [your folder]". On the General tab click "Restore" at the bottom right of the window. Then search the restored folder in the directory where it was originally.
In that case, if you have already managed to empty the trash, try a system restore from the control point when the remote folder was still on the computer. This function can be used only if the recovery function is enabled.
Click "start" or Windows button, click on "All programs" to expand the menu. In the folder "Standard" selectfolder "Utility" and click on the "system Restore". A new dialog box. Select the appropriate reference point (date) and click "Restore". After you restart the operating system check the directory where the folder was in before deletion.
If you have not helped on that computer, install a special app to restore the lost data, for example, EasyRecovery. Examine the program's interface and choose the option that fits you: select the drive from which you have removed the necessary files and folders to scan. In different applications, the method of action may vary, but typically, the interface of all tools is intuitive, so you should have no difficulties recovering the desired folder.