You will need
  • Cart Windows,free program Recuva.
You start by looking in the Basket. As a rule, it stores the recently deleted files, and it is possible that your file is there. If he's there, then click the right mouse button. Select "Restore". After these steps, your file will be moved to the place where it was deleted. If your file is not in the basket, then you engage in more complex actions.
Use file recovery freeware Recuva. For a start download it from the Internet and install. To do this, open the downloaded file and click "OK" and then click "Next". After you accept the license agreement the program will start the installation. After the installation click "finish" on your desktop desktop will appear a shortcut, which you can use to open the program.
Open the program and click "Next". In the resulting window you will be prompted to choose the type of your file, i.e. picture, music, document or anything else. If you don't know or don't remember the file type, click "Cancel".
Select the location from which was deleted the required file. This means that if your file was on drive D, then you need to choose the D drive, if on removable media – Removable disk.
Click the "Analyze" button and the program will show you those filesthat it can recover. Locate the file you want and put it near the bird, then click "Restore".
Select in the popup window place where you want to restore the file, and then click "OK". If the file is restored, you will see a window that will tell you about this. After that, open your file and test it.