You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • - a special program to recover deleted data for example Recuva.
If you have deleted a file or folder to the trash, the problem with their recovery will be. To do this, just go to the basket, which you can double-click on its shortcut on the desktop or right-click to choose the option "Open". After that you will open a new window showing all previously deleted files. Locate the desired object, click right mouse button and click "Recover". In this case, the folder or document back to its original position where it was before deletion. In the same way, you can simultaneously restore multiple objects, first selecting them with the mouse while pressing Ctrl.
If you have already managed to clean the basket, to be somewhat more difficult. And it will have to use a special program designed for retrieving lost files. Copes with this task a compact and functional Recuva, which will need to be installed on the computer. Download program can on Internet sites.
Install the program, but not on the local disk, where the remote document (for search files from the recycle bin, the program should be on the D drive), and start it to search. Specify what you want to find (text document, image, music, video, archive), and select the location of the file (e.g., "Basket"). In the next window, tick the "Enable thorough scanning" and click "Start". Wait until the search is finished, select the document to recover and specify where it should save.
To restore a remote program, use the rollback system. Why from the start menu on the desktop panel, navigate to "control Panel". Then click "Restore" (in Windows 7) or in the menu "System and security" in the section "support Center" to select "Restore the previous state of the computer". Click on this link and select the last control point. Make rollback system, and your program will again be on the computer.