You will need
  • - A computer running Windows (XP, Windows 7).
It is necessary to rename the folder. On the desktop, usually is not a folder, and a shortcut that allows you to quickly open it. Document folder is usually located elsewhere. If your computer's operating system is Windows 7, then rename the "My documents" should be so. Open your system drive (by default, the letter of the system drive is assigned is extremely rare).
Next, open the Users folder. There is two more folders: "Common" and "Administrator". Click on "Administrator", and in it find "My documents", then click the right mouse button. A context menu will appear. In this menu select "Rename". Then enter the new folder name, press Enter, and it will be renamed.
Even after renaming the folder shortcut on the desktop will have the old name. Remove this label. Then click on the folder "My documents" right-click. Hover your mouse over the string "Send". There will be additional menu where select "desktop, create shortcut".
To rename the folder "My documents" on Windows XP follow the steps below. Open the system drive, then Documents and Settings. Select the folder that matches the name of your account. Then, accordingly, find the "My documents". The rename operation does not differ from the case with Windows 7. In the context menu just select "Rename" and then set a new name for this folder.