Any fungal infections of the head consult a dermatologist. The range of drugs is very wide, and only a specialist will prescribe you the ones that will completely eliminate the cause of the disease. Among them the most commonly prescribed clotrimazole, griseofulvin, miconazole, keratolytic remedies. It can be tabletirovanie form or ointments.
In the case of pink disease ringworm please note that you should not use a common ointment, which include substances such as tar and sulfur. On the contrary, they can cause the progression of the disease. Avoid frequent washing of the head. For washing, use mild shampoos that don't irritate the skin. Try not to sweat and not be exposed to direct sunlight.
To cure multi-colored lichen use when shampooing a shampoo, which contains selenium sulfide. For example, "Ketoconazol". It is recommended to use shampoo with every wash washing thoroughly not only the scalp but also the hair, which can also be a fungus. For effective treatment once a week, spend disinfection of bed linen. Of drugs used 5 % salicylic alcohol, rubbing them twice a day the affected skin or a solution of bifonazole. Backed treatment methods offered by traditional medicine. Lubricate the scalp in the affected areas Apple cider vinegar 5 – 6 times throughout the day. Use sorrel. Crush the leaves and mix with sour cream. Use as an ointment.
If you notice patchy baldness, itching, redness and flaking of the scalp, contact your doctor immediately. Maybe you have ringworm. It is highly contagious. Do not attempt to achieve full cure on their own. You will not help any ointments or folk medicine. The treatment is long and complex with the use of fungicidal antibiotics.
If you have dandruff you can get rid of it with the help of folk remedies. Tablespoon of tansy pour 2 cups boiling water, insist 2 hours. Strained infusion to wash your hair without using soap for one month. Or the rind of 4 lemons simmer a quarter of an hour in a liter of water. The resulting solution once a week rinse your hair.