You will need
  • Computer;
  • - graphics card ATI Radeon or NVIDIA
  • - Catalyst Control Center;
  • program AIDA64 Extreme Edition
If you have a video card ATI Radeon, know the connector on the card using the software Catalyst Control Center. It is on the disk with the drivers. If it is not installed, install it.
After installing the program, click on an empty area of the desktop, right-click and select Catalyst Control Center. In the window that appears, select "Advanced" and click "Next". In the next window, in the upper left corner, locate the arrow and click on it with the left mouse button. In the resulting menu, select the component "Information center". Then click on the tab "Hardware graphics". Next, under the Item" find "the features of the graphics bus. On the contrary, in the section "Value" and will be written type of connector your video card.
If you have an NVIDIA card, or you don't know the model of your graphics adapter, use monitoring and diagnostics computer - AIDA64 Extreme Edition. Download it from the Internet and install it on your computer. Run the application.
After starting the program you will see two Windows. In the left window locate the feature called "Display". Beside the component is the arrow. Click on it with the left mouse button. In the list of devices, select the "Graphics processor". Then under "graphics processor Properties", locate the line "Type of tyre". In the section" information about the connector on your graphics card.
If your video card has failed and you need to know the type of connector need to be replaced, respectively, the computer you turn on. In this case, to know its connector on the motherboard. To do this, disconnect the computer from the mains and remove the cover of the system unit. Near the connector, which is connected to the graphics card, it will be written type, namely: AGP or PCI-Express.