Advice 1: Where you can download licensed games for ps3

Playstation 3 became the first console from Sony with the ability to download video games from the Internet. It all started back in 2006, when it was announced a comprehensive online service PlayStation Network. With its help owners of the console can access the online library of video games.
Where you can download licensed games for ps3

PlayStation Network is a multifunctional online service for PlayStation owners

PlayStation Network or just PSN, is an online platform for interaction between players and distribution of digital content, which are based on licensed video games. Thus, through the PlayStation Network the owners of consoles like PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable and, of course, the PlayStation 3 can choose to download video games from the network and communicate and to play together with your friends or random gamers.

PlayStation Network platform is available to players for free since you connect your console to the Internet, but some services charge for their use.

PlayStation Store – the online store of the licensed video game

PlayStation Store is an official and an inexhaustible source of video games for consoles from Sony, since the PlayStation 3. To use the store, the owner of the console must connect to the PlayStation Store via the PlayStation Network. The store presents a huge catalogue of video games, the range of which is increasing every week. Here with the help of various electronic payment methods you can buy any game you like, then download it on your console.

In PlayStation Store you can not only download full games for PlayStation 3, but also demo versions of games, special supplements, as well as videos and other content. It is worth noting that in the shop you can buy more games designed for PlayStation 1 and 2, but adapted for work on the PlayStation 3. This is a good chance to add to their collection for all lovers of classic games.

Digital distribution of games has a number of advantages compared to distribution on physical media such as optical DVD or Blu-ray. It is obvious that it is much easier to buy the game with a couple of clicks in the PlayStation Store from the comfort of home than in a real store. On the other hand, downloading games from the service can take a lot of time, because Sony imposes certain speed limitations for the stable operation of the service. Therefore, everyone decides for himself which option is the most acceptable.

PlayStation Pluse – distribution system of the licensed video game for the PlayStation subscription

All interested owners of the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita, Sony provides the ability to subscribe to PlayStation Pluse. For a certain amount for the duration of the subscription players will receive discounts in the PlayStation Store, a number of games every month at no additional charge, and other bonuses. PlayStation Pluse is issued for a month, 3 months or a year. There is also a version trial for 14 days which you can use for free.

Advice 2: How to download games on PS3

Download games for PlayStation 3 require you to have special software and finding any disk in the drive. In addition, please note that the old way of running downloaded games on the console (jailbroken) for a long time already are out of date and often no longer supported by many developers.
How to download games on PS3
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - removable drive;
  • - program firmware.
Before download games for your PlayStation 3, check first application installed in your device firmware. If you have the factory software, learn about flashing procedure gaming console in order to be able to run downloaded games. You can use information from the following site: Before flashing check out the warranty on the PlayStation 3.
After installing custom firmware, navigate to the downloaded games previously downloaded from the Internet (links you can find on the special thematic forums, also do a search on torrents). Download multiMAN and BDEMU drive emulator. Check downloaded files for viruses, and copy them to removable storage. Insert the USB in the console, then go to “Games”and "Install Package Files".
With the joystick you must first do the installation Manager multiMAN and then BDEMU. Copy the downloaded games on a removable drive (external hard drive or flash drive). Manager multiMAN, select the cross file install, then the game should smontirovat yourself. It's best to insert any CD in the drive of your consoles as not all games run on their own.
If before you used the jailbreak, after flashing install on your console the Fix Permission. It is similar to the previous programs, then when you start the game you will not be appear black screen. You can not install in the absence of such problems, however, save the downloaded installer just in case. Don't forget to scan for viruses install equipment and downloaded games.
Useful advice
Ask for flashing consoles to the specialists of service centers if can't do it alone.
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