Before you run the game on the second monitor, make sure it is connected to the digital link, if available. This will allow us to achieve higher image quality.
The only possible solution to run the game on the second monitor – to make it basic. For this there are two methods: manual and software. If you chose the first option, turn off the computer. Disable the first monitor, and run the operating system. The OS will automatically assign the only connected monitor (in this case, the second display priority, core. Now plug in the second monitor, open display properties and select "extend". When you start the game it will automatically be displayed on the second monitor.
How to start <strong>game</strong> <b>second</b> <em>monitor</em>
If you like the software method, then immediately after turning on the PC, open the settings screen. Select the second monitor on which you want to start the gameand enable the "make this main display". Now, when you enable "expand", a second screen will, by default, be a major that will allow you to run it.
How to start <strong>game</strong> <b>second</b> <em>monitor</em>