Use the standard wires coming from the receiver to connect to the monitor. Fortunately, in that all the receivers are very similar. Use the yellow connector "Tulip", the sound appears white and red "tulips." To the computer the receiver is connected via the RS-232 port. In General, the receiver can already begin to use it, when received the signal from the Converter and connected to any receiver to the video output. As a rule, IF it is marked as Input or LNB IN.
To connect the receiver to HD TV, use an HDMI cable. One end connect it to the HDMI output located on the rear panel of the receiver and the other to the same input on your TV. This connection will provide higher quality image and audio. This is the easiest and most convenient way, not causing issues. It can only work if the receiver and the monitor has the appropriate outputs.
If the receiver cannot convert the video signals, connect the receiver to the monitor not one, but multiple cables. How to do it, will depend on the outputs of connected components.
Use the connection diagram that is attached with the receiver in the user's manual. There are usually some one is the standard wiring diagram specific to your receiver. Maybe you are lucky and that you will do. Then you do not have to invent anything.
Remember that whatever way you decide to connect the receiver, use the best available connection types,, use the least amount of wires (this will speed up the signal transmission and not spoil the aesthetic appearance of the "picture"). Remember, the shorter and more expensive (higher quality) would the wire, the better the audio and video signal.